KESLA proC 2 + 2 is now available

06.06.2019 News

The Finnish timber and industrial loader crane producer KESLA presented at FinnMETKO 2018 a new electric proC control system with 2 levers and 2 pedals or 4 levers and 2 pedals. The system is now available for all cabin-equipped cranes in KESLA’s 2019 range.

The KESLA proC control system is operated normally with two minijoysticks – or now as on option with two larger Maxi joysticks. Operators used to mechanical controls system have not been that keen to adapt the mini joysticks. Now the proC 2+2 with joysticks and 2 pedals easies up changing to electric control system.  

Available as 2 + 2 and 4 + 2 version

The new control system is available with as 2 + 2 or 4 + 2 version. The movements are based on similar mechanic system’s movements.  Both options are built on KESLA’s own KESLA proC control system. Steering valve options are Parker L90LS or K170LS. The new system is design-protected. Changing from 2-lever system to 4-lever system takes about half an hour. Kesla will have quick-coupling for this purpose in the late autumn 2019. This would be beneficial especially in big companies or in companies renting machinery such as cranes.

Changing from mechanical to electrical control increases comfort and productivity

Mechanical control creates strain to arms and hand joints when steering movements are strong and trajectories vast. Joystick control functions softly and fluently with short movements. Additionally the crane movements are easily and driver-specifically adjustable. The adjustments include general speed settings, acceleration and slowing ramps, control pre-settings (truck, forwarder, excavator) well as rotator’s rotating direction. The adjustments can be saved with operator’s or work type’s names in six memory places.

- When a driver has got into the new control system, more productivity can be guaranteed as the electric control is, despite of its soft movements, very quick and precise, states Ari Pirhonen, Director of Crane Business at Kesla Oyj.  – Among the operators there is a saying that the person who changes to electric control is never returning to mechanical one. This describes well the comfortability of proC electric controls.

Sales starting

The sales of the proC Maxi control system starts officially in June 2019. The cranes ordered during the summer are being produced in the end of the year 2019.  

- Feedback concerning the 2 + 2 and 4 + 2 control systems has been purely positive, states Pirhonen.

KESLA truck cranes are for display on SkogsElmia Kesla’s stand 185.

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