Versatile forestry work in the heart of Ylä-Savo

29.11.2019 News

In addition to running his own farm, Kari Väisänen also operates a forestry business in Sonkajärvi, right at the heart of Ylä-Savo in Finland. While his farm mostly produces barley and oats, Harvus, Väisänen’s forestry business focuses on felling, thinning, and transporting trees, as well as selling firewood. The different activities of these two businesses are conveniently spread across the year — the farm work is largely done in summer, leaving the winter months for forestry.

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Kesla concentrates in developing tractor-powered chippers - gives up large truck chipper projects

20.09.2019 News

KESLA Oyj will now focus on designing and producing tractor-powered chippers and separate chipper units that the customer can mount on the wanted platform - whether on trailer, truck or stationary platform. The tractor chipper range includes two product families: the C645, available as a single or tandem axle version & the C860T equipped with a tandem axle.

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Itämoto Oy manages logging in Central Karelia

02.08.2019 News

Itämoto Oy has been in operation since 2014, with its headquarters in Tolosenmäki, Kitee. The company’s equipment includes two John Deere harvesters, one built on excavator as a base machine and one Sampo Rosenlew forwarder. The company performs contract work for Stora Enso through Tähtimetsä in the Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä areas.

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