The transportation company Maksimainen Oy was delighted with Kesla's "half" Z-crane

20.09.2018 References

The transportation company Maksimainen Oy is a family-owned company based in Ilomantsi, Finland, established in 1997, whose main business activity is timber transportation. The company owns four four-axle Scania trucks. The company relies on Kesla cranes: on one truck there is the straight boomed KESLA 2112T and on others there is the KESLA 2112ZT. A central pillar 2112ZT crane, that is to say a half Z, is the company’s favorite one.

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FinnMETKO press release: KESLA chippers are now selling well

29.08.2018 News

The KESLA chipper range includes three classes of chippers: C645, C860 and C1060. Chip-pers are available regardless of the size class, the truck, or the tractor and with the type of its own engine powered. The chippers have been developed forward and the current situa-tion is that the demand for chippers has increased dramatically in the neighboring markets.

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FinnMETKO press release: KESLA – the number one for excavator harvesters

29.08.2018 Harvester heads

Kesla has extensive experience in excavator equipping for use in harvester applications in all different conditions around the world. Experience dates back to the roots of the 1980s, when machines designed as harvesters from the beginning were just entering the markets. In the 21st century, Kesla has been the fastest growing manufacturer of harvester heads on the market.

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02.07.2018 News

Kesla is the Finnish multitalent in forest technology, known as the globally #1 independent manufacturer of harvester heads. The extensive KESLA range covers both roller and stroke harvester heads for professionals, from small thinning heads up to heavy-duty heads for clear cuttings and processing at landings. Last year Kesla launched a new series of large heads from 27RH-II to 30RH-II. Now one of these, KESLA 27RH-II, can be seen on the Interforst.

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