Transport of energy wood and logs in Imatra

02.08.2019 News

Under his own trade name, Seppo Knuuttila has transported logs and energy wood, as well as performed lumberjack work, ploughing and stump grinding in the Imatra area since 2005. The main activity is specifically the transport of logs and energy wood, for which Knuuttila uses a Valtra 214 Versu tractor equipped with a KESLA 144HD forest trailer and 316T loader. Log transport customers include the City of Imatra with its subsidiaries and Stora Enso.


Knuuttila’s previous forest package also featured the KESLA brand: the 12HD trailer and the 305T loader. Knuuttila was very satisfied with his package, but he wanted to change it before larger renovations.

- “I myself don’t have a hall, so I want the professionals to service the tractor. There has been no need for large renovations. Since I have logged many hours already in professional use and wanted to switch to electric control, I decided to renew the loader-trailer package while renewing the tractor.”

It probably helped that he was able to buy the forest package and the Unlimited equipped tractor from the same local AGCO Finland dealer, Jarkko Hirvi.

Knuuttila’s new set has a 12 tonne net load-carrying KESLA 144HD forest trailer. It is the biggest trailer in Kesla's range. The length of the cargo space is a little over four metres, and it can be extended by more than a metre with a frame extension. As an HD trailer, it is equipped with a hydraulic roll drive, i.e. the so-called Robson drive, which is well-suited for occasional use.

- “The previous package had bioenergy box. I ordered a 24 cube pallet for the new package from the local Haukivuori-based Haumet Oy to transport energy wood. The pallet fits nicely on the frame of the KESLA forest trailer,” says Knuuttila. “A tailgate that opens hydraulically and a flatbed are built into the pallet, so the energy wood can easily be tipped to a heap to be chipped.”

In the winter, the separate pallet is replaced with bunks that belong to the original trailer – this is because bunks and poles are better suited for driving round timber.

The combination is crowned by the double stage KESLA 316T loader, whose reach is an impressive 8,8 metres. The loader features the electronic Walvoil DPX valve with the KESLA proC control system. The control system enables control adjustment for up to five people. Saving settings is useful also in a one-man company, because the settings for different kinds of work – such as, for example, energy wood or round timber – can be saved.

- “Electronic control is extremely sensitive, and when the loader is in heavy use, electronic control clearly reduces the strain on hands.”

The loader's joystick is now integrated by the Valtra Unlimited studio into the tractor’s Smart Touch armrest in place of the tractor's front loader’s joystick, which makes it easier to use. The driver can use the switch to select whether to use the front loader or the KESLA loader with the joystick.

The stabilizers are the so-called Flapdown stabilizers, which offer the best possible support for the combination. The stabilizers can be telescopically widened, with the maximum width being nearly 4,8 metres.

Multifunctionality with accessories Knuuttila has a KESLA proG26 grapple in his loader. The grapple is specifically designed to handle round timber. Kesla’s range also includes a separate brush grapple, but Knuuttila feels he has no need for it. Instead, he has equipped his grapple with a gravel bucket.

- “A gravel bucket can be installed in a few minutes, whereupon a timber grab can be turned into a gravel bucket that holds 315 litres. A gravel bucket is convenient for handling soil, sand or even grass,” says Knuuttila.

Knuuttila also uses the KESLA 19GX energy grapple he acquired at one point, which is useful, for example, for removing energy wood from ditches. With the grapple, energy wood can be cut down in the desired place in piles. The grapple also functions as a normal wood grapple when the grapple blade is turned away.

Seppo Knuuttila wanted to move to ergonomic electronic control.

One fruit of the collaboration between Valtra and Kesla is that the use of the front loader and the KESLA loader can be integrated into the same joystick without worrying about losing the tractor’s warranty.

Knuuttila's equipment in all its glory: Valtra 214 Versu tractor, KESLA 144HD forest trailer and KESLA 316T loader.

Knuuttila's KESLA 144HD trailer has both the normal taillights as well as the LED work light integrated into the frame beam.

The KESLA 316T loader fits nicely on the branch pallet.