Kesla’s new tractor forest trailer range for display at SkogsElmia

06.06.2019 News

The strategic decision by KESLA to separate tractor attachments to its own business unit has borne fruit. It can be seen in all efforts and more concretely on Kesla’s stand 185 and on Lantmännen’s stand 571 at SkogsElmia exhibition in Jönköping (Sweden). The main regeneration is the totally renewed forest trailers.

The new forestry trailers continue with the same one-beam construction line that has proven to be good and reliable in the previous models. The biggest trailers (144 series) can for the first time be equipped with forwarder bunks, so familiar from forwarders (as an accessory). This increases the suitability especially the nave drive models for professional forwarder tasks. Stakes of all the models are stronger than before and coloured in yellow, which makes them more visible.

The load space of the 104, 114 and the 124 series trailers has been increased by 10 %. The net carrying capacity is in the 104 and 114 series 9 t, in the 124 series 10 t and in the 144 series 12 t.

The range brings to market excellent solutions that ease up the use e.g. the spacious toolboxes that can be installed on both sides of the trailer. Also, a new grapple rack, attached to the sturdy rear beam, is available. In addition to the traditional rear light beam, there are LED work light sets available for the front screen and for main frame beam.

Intelligent drive system – KESLA proTRACTION

The demand on KESLA range focusses more and more on the sturdy trailers and strong drive options. Therefore, KESLA brings to the market a new nave drive control system developed by the company itself, the KESLA proTRACTION. The proTRACTION system is available for 144 trailers with 2WD or 4WD nave drive.

The new drive system is connected to ISOBUS of the tractor. It offers all new benefits such as automatic direction control, automatic drive speed adjustment, drawbar control and downhill brake control. Moreover, it offers easiness of use as the control does not require that much attention anymore. It is worth noticing that when the speed exceeds 5 km/h the control system automatically switches off the drive.

KESLA 144ND with proTRACTION is a combination designated for serious work. The trailer’s load space is 3,2 m2, where some 15 m3 of wood is easily transported. More seriousness can be achieved by choosing the forwarder bunks and adding more standard or double bunks to the trailer frame – not to mention the frame extension, which gives more than one meter more length. The forest tyres come with tractor pattern and are equipped with inner tubes. Rims are strengthened and valves are completely protected. When talking about ND-trailer, also tracks or chains can be worn. Front screen and screen support, as standard, give even more sturdiness.

The new KESLA tractor forest trailers including KESLA proTRACTION are for display on Kesla’s stand 185 and Lantmännen’s stand 571.

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The new KESLA 144-trailer can be equipped with welded forwarder bunks.

Rear grapple rack is one of handy, new solutions.

KESLA proTRACTION takes advantage of KESLA’s loader control system proC: it uses the same screen and control system’s right joystick.

The KESLA 144ND trailer with proTRACTION is a serious companion for forestry work.