FinnMETKO press release: KESLA forest trailers are getting renewed

29.08.2018 News

The strategic decision by Kesla to separate tractor attachments in to its own business unit has borne fruit. It can be seen in all efforts and more concretely on the FinnMETKO stands 60, 62 and 66 where a record number of tractor attachments combined with Valtra tractors are on display. The main regeneration is the totally renewed forest trailers.

The new tractor forestry trailers will be on sale later this autumn

The new forestry trailers continue with the same one-beam construction line that has proven to be good and reliable in the previous models. The biggest trailers (144 series) can for the first time be equipped with forwarder bunks, so familiar from forwarders (as an accessory). This increases the suitability especially the nave drive models for professional forwarder tasks. Stakes of all the models are stronger than before and coloured yellow, which makes them more visible.


The load space of the 104 and the 124 series trailers has been increased by 10 %. The net carrying capacity is in the 104 series 9 t, in the 124 series 10 t and in the144 series 12 t.


The demand on Kesla range focusses more and more in the sturdy trailers and strong drive options. Therefore, Kesla brings to the market with these new trailers a new nave drive control system developed by the company itself. The KESLA proTRACTION drive control system is connected to the tractor through its ISOBUS terminal. Control of the drive as well as the control of the articulated drawbar is done from the tractor cabin by the KESLA proC control system. For example, the direction of the drive changes automatically according to the tractor’s driving direction. Also, the drive speed is adjusted to match the tractor’s speed. The new drive control makes it remarkably easier to control the drive. The KESLA proTRACTION is available also without the ISOBUS connection.


Excellent solutions that ease up the use are the spacious toolboxes that can be installed on both sides of the trailer. Also, a new grapple rack is attached to the sturdy rear beam, will be available. In addition to the traditional rear light beam, there are LED work light sets available for the front screen and for main frame beam.


The new trailers will be on sale later this autumn and the first deliveries from our factory are expected to be in January to February 2019.



FleXset brings useful versatility


KESLA FleXset is an excellent combination of a trailer and loader and it is suitable for both agricultural and suburban works. The combination is made in cooperation with the Finnish FMG. You can add all the common hook lift-compatible platforms, containers or tanks. The trailer has automated platform changing, platform length sensor, latest road traffic accepted brakes and hydraulic suspension. Another half of the set is the KESLA 304T loader, that with its 8,5 m long outreach and the KESLA proC control system is a sovereign mover of items. Especially, when there is still 1000 kg of loading capacity from 4 metres.




Cooperation with Valtra can clearly be seen on the stand


On the FinnMETKO stand there are several Valtra tractors where the joysticks of KESLA proC control system are integrated into the new armrest of the tractor. With the same joystick the operator can control not only the crane, but also the front loader of the tractor or some other hydraulic functions. This is a Valtra Unlimited - installation which maintains the tractor’s guarantee.




When handling a loader from the cabin and relocating the Valtra Smart Touch in the cab, will ease the rotation of the operator seat. This is also a Valtra Unlimited - installation which makes it possible to maintain the tractor’s guarantee.




Nordic KESLA loader competition brings excitement to the Friday


The Nordic KESLA loader competition is held on the KESLA stand on Friday 31.8.2018 at 13:00. The competitors come from Norway, Sweden and Finland, three persons from each country. Persons, who have qualified for the finals, have participated in qualifying rounds in their home country. In Finland, the qualifying rounds were held during the Valtra Machine tour at the beginning of the year. The competition is hosted by Mrs. Marianne Harjula.




On Kesla’s stand you can view the wide product range that is on display: loaders, trailers as well as grapples. You can also test drive the combinations of the KESLA 204T + 92HD and KESLA 316T + 144ND, which both are equipped with the KESLA proC control system. With the back hitch installed 305T you can try handling the big round straw bales. The new KESLA 144ND trailer and its proTRACTION drive control are demonstrated on a little test slope.




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