Valtra – New sales model for tractor mounted KESLA equipment

14.11.2018 News

Valtra and Kesla are leading suppliers of forestry machinery. Until now KESLA tractor attachments have been sold by two dealers in Norway: by Valtra dealer network via Valtra Unlimited Studio and directly to end customers by Øyvind Schulstadsveen, Schulstadsveen AS, since 2014. In order to strengthen the position in the market sales & service of KESLA forestry trailers and loaders will be transferred to Eikmaskin and their Valtra dealers starting 1/11/2018. The import also includes tractor-powered KESLA wood chippers.

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Vacancy in Joensuu: Business Director, Truck and Industrial Cranes (in Finnish)

26.10.2018 News

Haemme liiketoimintajohtajaa vastaamaan kasvuhakuisesta ja voimakkaasti kansainvälisillä markkinoilla toimivasta Auto- ja teollisuusnosturit –liiketoiminnasta. Tehtävässäsi vastaat liiketoiminnan strategisesta johtamisesta ja kehittämisestä sekä liiketoiminnalle asetettujen tavoitteiden saavuttamisesta. Toimit myös osana Kesla Oyj:n johtoryhmää ja osallistut konsernitasoisiin kehityshankkeisiin.

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Vacancy in Joensuu: Receiving Inspector

19.10.2018 News

We are looking for a Receiving Inspector to our great team. Duties include receiving and inspection of incoming materials/items, incpecting returned parts and inventory management. You work as part of our After Sales team.

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Urban contracting work with the KESLA 316T loader

21.09.2018 News

The Siilinjärvi-based Siilin Traktorityö uses the KESLA loader not only for forestry work, but also for many other kinds of contracting work and even in urban areas. The strong KESLA 316T loader mounted on the rear bridge of the tractor is a real helper at work.

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The transportation company Maksimainen Oy was delighted with Kesla's "half" Z-crane

20.09.2018 News

The transportation company Maksimainen Oy is a family-owned company based in Ilomantsi, Finland, established in 1997, whose main business activity is timber transportation. The company owns four four-axle Scania trucks. The company relies on Kesla cranes: on one truck there is the straight boomed KESLA 2112T and on others there is the KESLA 2112ZT. A central pillar 2112ZT crane, that is to say a half Z, is the company’s favorite one.

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KESLA products are results of cooperation

10.09.2018 News

At Kesla the staff keeps its ears open all the time trying to know the expectations of customers. We do benchmarking, follow the markets in general and interact with customers to find the right impulses. The best of the ideas is chosen for the real products.

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FinnMETKO press release: KESLA chippers are now selling well

29.08.2018 News

The KESLA chipper range includes three classes of chippers: C645, C860 and C1060. Chip-pers are available regardless of the size class, the truck, or the tractor and with the type of its own engine powered. The chippers have been developed forward and the current situa-tion is that the demand for chippers has increased dramatically in the neighboring markets.

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