Chopped fire wood on the move with the KESLA 204T

09.08.2017 References

Pilkenetti is a company based in the city of Parikkala, that offers thermal drying services of wood and produces firewood. The company was established in 2011. The company is owned by Mr. Antti Paajanen and Mr. Juha Tuupanen, of which the latter is currently also the CEO of the company and is actively involved in daily operations.


KESLA 204T boosts split wood production

The company has been using a KESLA 204T loader for the past five years. The loader has good loading characteristics and the movement path offers a wide angle boom joint. The control valve is a reliable mechanical valve. For its size and class, it is excellent at doing its job, in the owner's opinion. The birch logs are actually loaded by a crane to a stack of logs and then moved with a forest trailer to a factory building, where they are fed by a loader to the log table. The log table transports logs to the log splitting machine.

- With this crane roughly 10,000 cubic meters of birch logs have been fed to the machine, estimates Tuupanen.

The split firewood that comes from the splitting machine are bagged and thermally dried. Finished dried split firewood are generally sent off by truck in loose cubic meters. A large part from Pilkenetti goes to Southern Finland, but surprisingly even to the northernmost parts of Finland.


Pilkenetti products are only birch firewood, which have a good calorific value. The most common cut length is 33 cm, but other lengths are available. Every year, the company produces 2000 solid cubic meters of split fire wood. The logs are mainly bought in, which speeds up processing. Always the production line gets the right size of logs.