20 000 hours forwarding behind a harvester machine

15.09.2015 References

In the forests nearby Punkaharju, Eastern Finland there is much activity when Kyösti Tiainen is forwarding timber behind a harvester machine to be transported to the road side for collection. For the transportation Kyösti uses a combination of a Valtra M120 which is 120HP, and a KESLA 12MD forwarding trailer fitted with a Foresteri 400-loader.

The complete combination was purchased in 2004 and he has been using it constantly since then clocking up 20,000 hours. Previously Kyosti owned a similar combination which he also purchased from Kesla in 1994, having had a trouble free working life with that Kesla equipment, made choosing his new one a very easy decision.

“Service and spare parts from Kesla has been superb, I have never had any major repairs mainly just replacing of wearing parts.”

Kyosti works many hours per day the previous working day was 12hrs long.The trailer & loader work long hard hours and are often pushed to their limits and beyond, working in many steep slopes and undulating ground. He forwards many different species of timber and many varied lengths, for example birch at 6.7m long with no problems.

In the 90’s Kyosti was mainly an agricultural farmer doing a small amount of forestry work, in 1994 this had grown and become his main employment and income but he still continues with a small amount of farming. His combination of forwarding equipment from the beginning has been KESLA which has served him well over the many years. His prowess with the combination of his Kesla equipment is excellent.

Kyösti Tiainen is a proud KESLA-owner.

Kyösti's trailer & loader work long hard hours.