The KESLA 25RH-II models are truly versatile harvester heads for thinning and final felling where the trees’ average diameters are less than 40 cm. The head’s maximum opening is 58 cm. The excellent balance, combined with the geometry of the rollers and knives, facilitates and speeds up the picking of trees either standing or laying on the ground, either vertically or from bundles lying on the ground. The head is also well suited to the processing on landing.




Additional accessories include the proCon, hydCon and Eucapro features as well as color marking device, automatic chain tightener as well as stump treatment device. The 25RH-II models can be equipped also for productive biomass harvesting with the unique KESLA proAX-cutting system and multi-stem functions.


KESLA 25RH-II and 25RHS-II are best suited to 12-20 tonne base machines. The 25RHS-II has been designed especially for use with excavators.