Kesla Oyj has one actual auditor. The main purpose of statutory audit is to ensure that financial statements of the company provide the right and sufficient information about the company's financial situation and profitability. It also ensures that company's internal monitoring work according to the guidelines set.

The auditor must be accredited by the Central Chamber of Commerce. The Auditor is elected yearly in the annual general meeting. The term of the audition is the current fiscal year and it ends after the next annual general meeting. 

According to the Nomination committee's suggestion, Ernst & Young Oy was elected for auditing house for the fiscal year 2018 and CPA Juha Hilmola as reponsible auditor, in the meeting held in 8.3.2018. The audition fees in the 2018 were 118 000 €, including 33 000 € of fees not combined with audition.