ELMIAWOOD: Strong partnership with Lantmännen gives Kesla’s tractor forest equipment a new persperctive

01.06.2017 News

Kesla and Lantmännen started a cooperation concerning KESLA tractor forest equipment in 2016. The Elmia Wood exhibition is the first big appearance together on the Swedish markets for these two players. The expectation for the future are high.

Lantmännen is responsable for marketing and sales of Valtra and Fendt tractors. As Kesla started the cooperation with AGCO Finland in the January 2016, it was quite clear that the cooperation will be enwidened to Sweden as well. The cooperation does not only cover the sales and marketing but it also involves product development and eventually also production. This enables Kesla and Lantmännen to offer the best possible solutions for their forestry clients.

Interest for Kesla products has been high at Lantmännen. The cooperation started in the second half of the 2016. Expectations are high, and Kesla will invest a lot in cooperation with Lantmännen and Valtra also in Sweden. The forestry section is going strong and the cooperation brings delightful views to the future. Lantmännen is the only sales channel for KESLA forest equipment in Sweden.

Lantmännen shows wide variety of Kesla forest equipment on their stand

On Lantmännen’s stand 571 you can admire a really wide variety of KESLA tractor forest equipment. There are four units for demos and test-driving. Two of these are typical forestry sets with forestry trailer and loader. These can be tested by the customers, under supervision of course. Additionally, there is a Valtra N114 tractor with a KESLA 204T loader and a 40LFe stroke delimber and Valtra N174 tractor with KESLA 316 loader and 16RH harvester head in full action. These are combinations that are rarely shown on the exhibition, and especially in action.

These are also several other KESLA-Valtra forestry combinations for display. Kesla’s factory staff is also stronly present on the Lantmännen’s stand.

Other products of KESLA, harvester heads, truck cranes and chippers are shown on the stands 303 and 185.

Finland, Sweden and Norway competing with tractor-installed loaders

On Friday the 9th June the visitors of Elmia Wood have a chance to admire the use of tractor loaders, as nine finalists from the neighbouring countries, Finland, Sweden and Norway, are competing with each other for the championship. In Sweden Kesla’s retailer Lantmännen has taken care of the qualifications, in Norway Schulstadsveen and in Finland Kesla, in cooperation with AGCO Finland. The tasks in the finals require preciseness and speed. The winner will be rewarded with a KESLA proG26 grapple worth 2 200 € - and of course, with a great reputation.

The finals are held on the Friday the 9th June 13.00 on Läntmännen’s stand 571. The crane used in the finals is KESLA 305T with electric KESLA proC control system.

There are loading competitions for bigger cranes but smaller, tractor- installated cranes are often forgotten. Last year Kesla organized the competition in Finland and finals at FinnMETKO.

- The final brought so much fun for the audience and competitors, that we decided to do it this year a bit bigger – between neighbouring Finland, Sweden and Norway, tells idea’s father Janne Sinkkonen from Kesla. – We hope that with strong and dedicated cooperation partners we can convert this to a tradition.

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