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KESLA-truck crane is a very economical and also multipurposed tool for many applications. The crane can be installated whether on the truck or separately even as stationary application. From our wide range of cranes with great variety of accessories you can find the right solution.

KESLA-cranes are made with quality in Finland. The production has been admitted ISO 9001 certificate.

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„Just the right sort of crane for us"

09.08.2016 References

The German timber transportation company „Schwinn Nah- und Fernverkehr GmbH“ chose the strong tree-length crane KESLA 2028 and a KESLA proCAB cabin due to the wish of one of the drivers in the company, Jürgen Hector. Also the concept of the whole vehicle is pleasing: a semi-trailer with extendable frame for timber lengths from 2.5 m up to 19 m is an all-rounder for all.

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A professional in metal recycling - KESLA 2112T

03.02.2016 References

In the yard of Kiteen Tarvemetalli in North Carelia (Finland) there are various types of machines working withing recycling of metals. The company picks up metal waste at the companies and farms in the nearby regions, assorts and transports them further as raw material for the smelting plants. One of the machines is refreshingly yellow KESLA 2112T crane. The crane’s task is mainly to pick up material and reloading the assorted materials for shipment.

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Kyudai Rinsan upgraded their fleet with a new KESLA

29.10.2015 News

Kyudai Rinsan, a logging and transporting company located in Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, is known for high quality in their operation. The company has been awarded twice for excellent work in Japanese State forests, the latest award was given 3 years ago. The company also invests in quality what comes to the equipment they are using, latest proof of this the recently purchased KESLA 2109ZT crane.

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Customer feedbacks
Category FAQ
Can proG grapples be used in the loader/cranes of other brands?

Yes, the connection surface is made compatible with the majority of the rotators.

Can KESLA-cranes be equipped with a scale?

Yes, KESLA-cranes can be equipped with whether hydraulic piped or wireless Tamtron scale.

Is oil cooler needed for a KESLA-crane?

KESLA-cranes are equipped with wide hydraulics, which makes it less vulnerable for heat. The trucks with KESLA-crane are not often equipped with oil cooler.

Can I use biodegradable hydraulic oil in KESLA-crane?

Yes, you can. In addition, KESLA-crane can be delivered tested with biogradable oil. Ensure the suitable type of biodegradable oil from the dealer.