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For over 30 years, KESLA has been a global pioneer in providing forest equipment for tractors. Kesla products sold under the PATU trademark have been the global market leader since the early 1980s. KESLA has developed a large selection of timber loaders, timber trailers and accessories that make it easy to equip a tractor for efficient timber harvesting. KESLA has great solutions for both heavy professional users and forest owners harvesting their own timber.

KESLA products are a combination of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality of components and materials. During manufacture, each KESLA product passes through a rigorous international quality assurance programme as well as practical performance and safety tests. Product details are carefully considered and designed for the needs of customers, raising efficiency and reliability to a league of its own. The large product selection and comprehensive range of optional accessories, makes it possible to provide customers with customised solutions that are sure to meet their needs. Since durability and a long service life are focal points in KESLA’s design work, customers are guaranteed uninterrupted working and superior resale value.

KESLA is the only manufacturer in the world that can bring its experience in heavy-duty timber truck cranes, forest machine cranes and industrial cranes to the world of tractor-mounted loaders and trailers. This experience shows in the superior features and durability of the products and in the manufacturer’s ability to listen to and serve the customer over the product’s entire service life.

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A strong belief in grapple loaders in Eastern Finland

23.09.2016 Tractor forest equipment

Jouko Makkonen, who is living in Eastern Finland, in Savonranta, is now using his fifth KESLA tractor loader – and to be specific a grapple loader - which he finds as an unbeatable solution for farms. The newest loader was purchased in 2015 as the previous KESLA 204 loader was changed over to Makkonen’s son who continued the farming as Makkonen retired. First he thought that he would loan the loader when there is need, but as the loader was always busy in farm work, he decided to purchase one of his own. With the purchase he also happened to get one of his brainchildren, bale claws that can be attached to a grapple, converted to a tangible product.

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Forestry gets stronger at Johanssons

28.10.2015 News

Farmer Fredrik Johansson lives nearby Jönköping, Sweden, with his family. Like else where in Europe, also in Sweden farming has become more and more challenging. On the forestry side, the situation is better though and wood sells well. At Johanssons forestry side is gradually overtaking the traditional farming side.

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20 000 hours forwarding behind a harvester machine

15.09.2015 References

In the forests nearby Punkaharju, Eastern Finland there is much activity when Kyösti Tiainen is forwarding timber behind a harvester machine to be transported to the road side for collection. For the transportation Kyösti uses a combination of a Valtra M120 which is 120HP, and a KESLA 12MD forwarding trailer fitted with a Foresteri 400-loader.

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Customer feedbacks
Category FAQ
Can KESLA-cranes be used for other purposes than just timber loading?

Yes, KESLA-cranes and loader can be used in various ways - not only for timber handling. Usually another sort of grapple is needed though. KESLA-cranes are used in handling e.g. lime, bioenergy, scrap, metal, firewood among many others.

Are the gravel buckets suitable for my old KESLA 18 grapple (year 2010)?

The ones in the brochure are not but we have similar type of gravel buckets available also for our older grapples in our spare parts and also for your grapple.

How large does a tractor need to be for a KESLA-loader? With Jake-type frame? On a 3-point hitch? How is the loader operated from the tractor cabin?

Quite small tractor (60-80 hp, 2500 kg) is good when you are working with a crane that is mounted on the trailer. Oil flow is a critical thing. Minimum oil flow needed for our smallest crane model KESLA 211 is 25-40 l/min. Bigger cranes will need more oil flow. For example KESLA 304T works properly with 40-70 l/min or with LS 100-130 l/min. Powerful oil flow is important for good control of the crane. If you mount a KESLA crane on JAKE-frame or 3-point hitch your tractor's weight should be at least 3 500 kg. That is minimum weight for KESLA 200-series cranes and 200-series cranes are possible to mount on the 3-point hitch. With KESLA 300-500 –series cranes tractors weight has to be 4 000 or more. JAKE-frame is the best option for tractor mounted crane. For crane control we have manual, servohydraulic and electrical control systems. With all of those you can operate properly inside the tractors cabin. Servohydraulic and electrical controls are the easiest for the mounting.

Do all KESLA-trailers have single beam construction? Why?

Yes, for a reason. When driving a trailer with load on in the terrain, the frame meets strong bending forces, which the single beam contruction can take better than a contruction with two beams. The construction is planned to be flexible in determined places. Also unloading the last logs is easier and quicker in single beam trailer.