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The multitalent in harvester technology

Kesla’s extensive experience in forest technology has given it superior expertise as a developer of harvesters. Kesla’s harvester family offers the market’s most comprehensive line of both roller and stroke harvester heads. The product family also includes excavator harvester packages as well as special harvesters for eucalyptus handling.

When developing the harvester head range, special attention has been paid on requirements of biomass harvesting. With optional accessories the Kesla harvester heads can be equipped for effective biomass logging in addition to conventional timber harvesting, without compromises.

Kesla is a pioneer in the outfitting of excavators for harvester use. Kesla has an in-depth knowledge of almost all the excavator brands and their special requirements. When it comes to stroke harvesters, is Kesla is also the world’s market and technology leader. An extensive selection of cranes designed specifically for harvesting use supplements the range of harvester products. As a testimony to Kesla’s quality, several harvester manufacturers around the world have chosen KESLA as their original equipment.

The design and manufacturing of Kesla’s forest machines complies with all applicable international quality criteria. All products pass through a rigorous quality assurance program as well as practical performance and safety tests; the principles of sustainable development guide every aspect of Kesla’s operations.

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What is the difference with stroke and roller harvester?

Stroke harvester suits also onto smaller basemachines, like diggers, which hydraulic oil flow would not be high enough for roller heads. Even with relatively low oil flow, stroke feed creats feed efficient enough to cut and delimber relatively big tree trunks. The product itself is produced of the same high quality materials than the roller heads. The measuring device is a part of standard delivery and equivalent to that of roller heads. The SH-heads are very widely used throughout the world.

Why should I choose JPS R5500-saw?

Depending on the harvester head model, the new saw unit utilises a 34cc or 40cc Sunfab motor and 22-tooth drive wheel that enable a sufficient chain speed to be reached at approximately 5,500 rpm. The low-rpm, high-capacity motor is much more durable in use than traditional solutions and operates at much better efficiency. In practice, this manifests itself as better sawing power and lower fuel consumption. In addition to the fuel savings, the technical solutions of the R5500 saw  unit result in lower  operating and maintenance costs: The saw unit utilises wide Iggesund JW-series saw bars, whose life span is many times that of traditional bars. The robust and wide saw bar bends and vibrates less, which, together with an efficient tensioner, ensures that the chain stays on in all sawing situations. The new double-sided and balanced drive wheel is designed to last for the entire service life of the harvester head. The JPS R5500 is a compact package that does not require external saw cylinders or position sensors. The saw bar motion is driven by a turning mechanism integrated into the unit, which also includes sensors that detect the position of the saw. According to the studies, it also produces substantially less cutting-induced crack than its traditional counterparts.